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We offer several different ways to get listed on the Phone Sex Directory. Most are Free listings. You can Post ads for operators, services, Post Pics, and Job Ads for free! You can even do an original guest blog post that promotes your services. The only requirement is to link to You can use one of the following banners:




The only services we charge a fee for are the following: Banner Ads, Sidebar Ads for the Blog, and FrontPage Ads. These ads all turn up on multiple pages and get the most exposure.  All paid Ads last for 1 month or for up to 1 Year. The rates are listed below.


Monthly Rates

LeaderBoard Banner Ads – $150 per month for a 728×90. It can be placed at the top or bottom of the front page. 1 Spot open.

Regular Banner Ads – $40 per month for a regular 468×60 banner animated or static banner. There are currently 5 slots open.

Small Banner Ads – $15 per month. Sizes roughly up to 175×75. 160×60 preferred. There are slots open and these banners will only be in the blog section. 5 Spots open.

Front Page Ads – $100 per month per listing. These are the most noticed ads and they randomly load differently for every visitor for fairness. There is no way to cheat and it boosts your SEO Ranking. Unlimited spots open.


Yearly Rates

Leaderboard Ads – The yearly rate is $1200 with a $600 discount.

Regular Banner Ads – $450 with a $30 discount.

Small Banner Ads – $150 with a $30 discount.

Front Page Ads – $900 per year with a $300 discount.


To do Advertising for your Phone Sex Company or other Adult Website please use this form below and start up a dialogue. Owners can even call me to discuss after our first exchange.