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phone sex directoryYou’ve got a hard-on and sure it’s urgent that you take “care” of it. You can’t allow that cum to build up and boil for too long. Maybe you want a little help… a little advice… and a little support. The best way to get it is through phone sex. You need the interaction of a kinky sexy female voice to guide you through masturbating… to tell you an erotic story in your ear…. or even to act out a little roleplay with you. Exploring your fantasy with another person is erotic and extremely sexy. Phone Sex is a treat that you give to yourself when you want a little something extra to masturbate with or to. is an adult Phone Sex Directory that provides Links and Classified Ads to unique phone sex services and Operators that meet our standards by having ethics, providing good customer service, and also have longevity in the industry. This Phone Sex Directory has been online since 2001.

$10 phone sex domination

$10 Phone Sex Domination

Welcome to Mind Lust, where domination and mind fucking occur. We know what you want, we know what you need. When you talk with us – you’re in our dark territory. We’re dominant women who pride ourselves on having men drop down to their knees for us. We’re so kinky and talented when it comes to using and abusing our power…. that it will feel completely natural for you to submit everything to us. We’re dominant women – and it’s what we do, and we do it rough. We use our real-life experiences to control your worthless cock and mind. Pick your poison.. and be prepared to hand over your sperm and your soul, but we decide which we want first.

cheap phone sex

Cheap Phone Sex with Phone Flirts®

I think Phone Sex is about two people getting intimate, mutually masturbating and enjoying sex talk together! The main objective has been to offer “Amateur Phone Sex” which means the rates are cheaper and the style is not like a “factory” generating call after call to clients making them feel like “just another number”. I do not and never have subscribed to the “get ’em on the phone and get ’em off fast”. The Phone Flirts® approach has ALWAYS been PERSONAL and easy-going which means I do not rush you, I show an interest in you beyond your wallet, and I am very discreet.

$10 Phone Sex with Bimbos where cheap phone sex is only $10 and it is an indulgence, a delight, and a specialty. That’s right… when it comes to phone sex – nobody does it better than our horny hot fuck sluts. Why? Well… these bimbos all work from home, have no taboos, are available 24 hours per day, and the girls are totally hot for each other too! We specialize in bimbos and these bimbos LOVE cheap phone sex! We’ve kept our phone sex service quite simple by calling our toll-free 800 number and automated or online billing. Pick the babes you want to get down and dirty with for the best damn phone sex experience you’ve ever had!

Phone Sex Babes

Cum visit because it is THE place to cum for a dirty phone chat. We offer a safe place to expose your kinkiest fantasies AND to share them with real live girls on the telephone. Talk 2 Babes is no ordinary vanilla phone sex service because these chicks have no fucking taboos at all. Babes with candy-flavored voices will sweeten the dirtiest fantasy, so slide your imagination (and your favorite stroking grip) to the rhythm of their devious laughter and playful squeals.

Kinky Phone Sex with No Limits

Phone Sex Fornication for Fantasy Liberation! Private, discreet, and ethical. These dirty women have no taboos. is just the place to make your fantasy….. a kinky reality. Our kinky Phone Sex Operators are different ages, varied experiences, unique tastes, filthy fantasies, and they all enjoy phone sex to be “natural” with no scripted talk. Our horny phone sex girls live all across the United States and work from the privacy of their own homes. Whenever you are ready to blow a massive wad…. stop on by…. and share it with a lady who wants to spend the time to get to know your deepest desires.

$10 Phone Sex

$10 Phone Sex

Phone Sex with Fone Flirts has no restrictions on any of your kinky fun! If you are tired of calling different phone sex services, or even phone sex girls and finding out that your fantasy is being judged, rejected, limited, or the operators just aren’t interested…then try talking to some of these lusty ladies. Once your call is set up you pay per minute so you can talk about your fetish, masturbate, roleplay, or fantasize with a girl at home – for as long or as short as you’d like.

Phone Sex Therapy

Being that Phone Sex Therapy is a fantasy, our Sensual Therapists have PhDs in Perversion.  They are skilled both personally and professionally with complex roleplay, interview questions, and even sexual education.  Sessions are open wide to interpretation and to your desires or interests. We can create a very detailed therapy fantasy and play it out in any way that you’d like. Bring us your ideas and we’ll share some of ours with you to create the perfect session. Or if you prefer we can design a complete “program” for you.

No Taboo Phone Sex

Phone Sex is just a different way for men to masturbate. You can lay back and close your eyes to escape into a sensual voice that can lead you to your ultimate fantasy-land. You and your Lusty Lady are free to choose the topics that you enjoy talking about the most. All conversations with Lusty Voice Ladies are respected, handled with care, and are completely private. There are no connection charges, tricks, gimmicks, or marketing ploys. Billing is handled professionally and ethically. Spend much or as little as you’d like.

Erotic Phone Sex

The REAL meaning of Phone Sex is completely lost on the internet. There are far more choices out there than necessary, and obviously, they cause more confusion than comfort to a caller. It’s overwhelming, and definitely not a turn on anymore. We’ve cut the phone sex industry down to what it REALLY is — a naughty CONVERSATION. And a good conversation with sexy SENSUAL women is what you are seeking. Surely you want someone who has a sexy voice, is intelligent, chatty, fun, sensual, erotic, creative, and imaginative.

Cheap Phone Sex Babes

Phone sex has an element of thrill-seeking to it – because you do it when you need it. There isn’t pressure or stress with us. is a pure and simple adult phone sex service … the type that will fill your mind with nasty thoughts, the type that will spark your imagination, the type that will intrigue you, and the type that will force you to beat your meat hard until you cum. That’s all we really want it to be.

Panty Phone Sex

Hey, guys did you ever want to discuss your special panty fetish with girls who actually want to discuss it too? Do you know how I mean? I am talking about the fact that all the phone sex operators I have hired are totally into talking dirty about panties! They like it! They all enjoy the roleplay experience and your panty fetish can be explored in numerous ways. Teasing and Denial is a specialty.

$10 Phone Sex Fetish

$10 Phone Sex Fetish

Tainted Talk is Fetish Phone Sex for your inner “weirdo” because we like “weirdos”.  You will also enjoy your time the best with us if you are organized in your thoughts and desires … and as long as you articulate them well. If you just allow us to take the lead then we’ll do what WE want with your call … so keep that in mind. If you really want to discuss what YOU want then please speak up! We’re happy to have a verbal exchange about it and to complete your fantasy or fetish to the best of our abilities. Our desire is to UNDERSTAND you completely.


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