How Long Should a Phone Sex Session Be?

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Sometimes new clients ask for the phone sex operator’s suggestion on how long a phone sex session should be. There is no correct answer to this because it really depends on you.

Phone sex is a highly individualized experience but it’s also a financial one. My honest suggestion to anyone who may be new to phone sex or trying out a new operator for the very first time… is to always opt for the shortest amount of time. You want to make sure you are billed properly and correctly, and that you also connect well with the operator. But for a future call, you may want to do a more complex role-play, a fantasy, or even talk longer in general.

So, let’s go back to our question how long should a phone sex session be? I’m going to give you the guidelines I suggest to clients on the phone.

If your fantasy is short and simple and you’re watching your money then 15 minutes should be plenty enough time to talk to an operator that you like…. and to have a lot of fun.

If your fantasy is detailed, complex, or will take a bit of time to explain it to the operator you should look at 30 minutes and possibly more. But 30 minutes is a very good start.

Technically the amount of time that you purchase with a phone sex operator is really dependent upon you. It depends on how much you want to spend and how detailed your fantasy is.

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What to Look For in a Phone Sex Service

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There are thousands of phone sex websites on the internet. We believe that phone sex is a very personal choice and that different interests apply to all callers. But what do you know about how a phone sex company runs its business? And what SHOULD you know? How do you determine a company is a good one to call?

The  6 Important Questions to Ask yourself before you call that phone sex service!

What customer service support is available? Remember you will be giving out not just personal info about your sexual fantasies but your credit card information.  Are there contact details on the website in the case of a billing error? This is so important. Mistakes unintentionally happen in billing often enough that you need to know who and how to contact the right person to take care of this issue. Human beings do the billing and humans can make mistakes. All companies will fix a billing error that was made on their part. If you are nervous about spending money or giving out details contact the company owner or manager first and see if they can put you at ease. A good phone sex company is obviously going to want to make sure you are not worried about billing.

Is there legal information, policies, terms, and procedures available on the website? Merchant banks require this sort of information to be posted on a website. Not only is it a good practice in general… it is REQUIRED. As a customer, you should know your rights.

How do they accept payments? Phone Sex is an adult service that requires a special merchant account to accept credit cards. Paypal, CashApp, Venmo, and Stripe are just a few types of billing processors that do NOT allow adult services.  If a company is accepting these types of payments you should worry a bit. It means they are not following the “rules” and their business may not be fully legit.  And as a client, you should not use these services to make a payment as you are risking your own account being closed. A company accepting credit cards has to submit tons of paperwork about their company and their business practices are investigated. The rules for adult businesses are VERY strict.

What methods of Contact are on the website? A quality company offers many means of contact and is available for communication with you. If you can not find a way to contact an owner or manager then think twice about using that service. A customer service number is important and so is email. You should find more than one way to contact that company. Scams hide… a true business does not!

What’s the content of the website? A pretty design that is cute is fine, but what does the website really SAY to you? We know when searching for phone sex that much of the blood has drained from your brain and gone “south”. But please READ a website over before you make a purchase. This applies to literally any business. Ask yourself how professional it seems. Is it designed well? Are all of the details you need easy to find? Is the service “fishing with a wide net” or “keyword stuffing”? These are a few poor practices that an unprofessional service will do to try and hit every fetish under the sun. Think about their strategy and point with content. Sure you want some freebies like free pictures and stuff. But really read the content. Make sure a website is “open” and “inviting” to you and FEELS safe.

Are the billing details clear and safe? Read that billing info and any FAQ page on the site too before you hand out your credit card number. Beware of connection fees, added fees, more charges, and so forth. You should know how is your credit card information accepted and who all sees it or has access to it.

Obviously, there are other important factors to which phone sex service you choose to use. It has to appeal to you sexually too. But please never forget about the professional business side of things. You want to “get off” and never get “ripped off”.