How Long Should a Phone Sex Session Be?

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Sometimes new clients ask for the phone sex operator’s suggestion on how long a phone sex session should be. There is no correct answer to this because it really depends on you.

Phone sex is a highly individualized experience but it’s also a financial one. My honest suggestion to anyone who may be new to phone sex or trying out a new operator for the very first time… is to always opt for the shortest amount of time. You want to make sure you are billed properly and correctly, and that you also connect well with the operator. But for a future call, you may want to do a more complex role-play, a fantasy, or even talk longer in general.

So, let’s go back to our question how long should a phone sex session be? I’m going to give you the guidelines I suggest to clients on the phone.

If your fantasy is short and simple and you’re watching your money then 15 minutes should be plenty enough time to talk to an operator that you like…. and to have a lot of fun.

If your fantasy is detailed, complex, or will take a bit of time to explain it to the operator you should look at 30 minutes and possibly more. But 30 minutes is a very good start.

Technically the amount of time that you purchase with a phone sex operator is really dependent upon you. It depends on how much you want to spend and how detailed your fantasy is.

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What is the Point of Phone Sex?

What can phone sex do for you?

What can phone sex really do for you?

  • Phone Sex can enhance your masturbation!
  • Phone Sex can enrich your fantasy!
  • Phone sex can help you explore taboo fantasies!
  • Phone sex can be a lot like sex therapy because you can talk about many things!

Don’t ever feel guilty or ashamed of your fantasies. Wild and kinky fantasies mean you’re intelligent and have a vivid imagination which all women find attractive. Sexy, attractive men do like phone-sex, too. It’s a silly stereotype to believe phone sex is only for lonely men or losers.

  • That which doesn’t do harm in real life is perfectly normal!
  • Phone sex is not intended to be a replacement for sex.
  • Phone sex is enhanced masturbation with a partner.
  • Fantasies are normal, and that means any fantasy!

All men need to jerk off whether they are married, single, and fucking daily. Masturbation is a purely selfish act, but one that is a bit like “self-care” and it’s perfectly healthy! Sometimes masturbation is better because you don’t even have to worry about another person!

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