Should you Tip a Phone Sex Operator

phone sex tips

Phone Sex is an entertainment adult industry where the client typically pays a premium price to speak with a live lady about sexual fantasies. Your goal is to jerk off. The operator’s goal is to have you hang as a happy client. When it works the way it should… it’s fucking awesome.

Something you may notice on many phone sex websites are: Tip Buttons, Tribute Buttons, and gosh even “Donation” buttons. Or you may see Amazon Wishlists for an operator. In essence, this is a way to “TIP” and operator.

But should you do it? Do you need to?

The sex industry is often looked at as seedy, unprofessional, and underground. But in reality, sex work has been around forever, and it’s so much more common than is realized. The Phone Sex Industry is sex work and it’s completely legal. The phone sex industry is more transparent than many other types of sex work even though it’s a “newer” type of sex work compared to many others. A disclaimer here is that sex work is genuine work, and it’s been emerging from the “underground” for quite some time. Even porn has become very mainstream.

Tipping can be a controversial subject in any industry, some feel better wages should be paid instead of tipping, while others feel that being generous for any type of service is just good practice. Most of us know that servers in restaurants for example earn very low wages and rely on tips to survive.

Most personalized phone sex services do pay their operators pretty well. Most companies offer bonus incentive programs so that great operators can earn even more. Many companies give raises based on merit as well. Most companies are ethical and professional. If you seek out independent operators who use non-adult payment methods to accept money from clients, I can’t advise you much. There are too many risks in that type of transaction for clients and for operators. It’s not a good business practice.

I have known of two women over the years who used sob stories and false promises to get extremely large Tips. In both cases it was manipulation and I do not agree with that kind of behavior. A Tip is simply a Tip. An Operator should not manipulate or make promises or use a sad story to get extra money from a client. And a client should not offer Tips as a means to manipulate an Operator for special treatment either. An operator should not ask for tips either unless there is an agreement between the client and her about that. To me asking for tips or “donations” is a bit like panhandling when it’s done willy-nilly.

All of this being said… should you tip a phone sex operator or buy them gifts? My answer is no if it is solicited or requested. Tipping in the phone sex industry is acceptable IF it is completely the client’s choice without coercion. I also personally feel the tip amount should not be more than the cost of the service provided. So if you paid $20 bucks for a call the tip should be $10 or maybe even less. If the client wants to buy a gift off of a lady’s Wishlist then go for it. I just believe it should ALWAYS be the client’s choice and never ever requested. A Tip or a Gift should be a bonus thing or a holiday thing, but always a choice for the customer. To offer a Tip for a job well done is very generous and always appreciated by a phone sex operator!