2 Pump Chump

2 pump chump

Do you know what a 2 pump chump is?

They are “instant oatmeal” guys that are done in a minute or two. You get what I mean right? The question I’m posing today is what makes a 2 pump chump? And why you still may want to try phone sex as a 2 pump chump.

Some guys have learned how to masturbate in a hurry, probably by having little to no privacy to do it in their lives. They had to get it done – almost like it’s was a job! So in a real sexual encounter, they could last a whole lot longer… they just see no point or they don’t have time while masturbating. There is no partner to take care of, there is no need for foreplay, and basically the purpose is to get off and nothing else. So 2 pump chumps are guys who just want it fast and to the point.

Masturbating fast and furiously in order to cum in 2 minutes is not a “bad” thing but yet you also don’t get to truly enjoy it. Masturbation is a kind of “self-care”. It releases tension, stress, and helps us to clear our minds. But listen, the orgasm is the end and when you pump to just meet the end… you are missing out on the intensity of the actual pleasure.

And just because you are a “quick draw” doesn’t mean there is no point in calling a phone sex line. There are many services you can call with a quick set up where you can only pay for a short minimum amount of time to get off cheaply. As a 2 pump chump, you need to “treat” yourself now and then to a more intense masturbation session by connecting with another person.


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