A Beginner’s Guide to Phone Sex

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You’re new to phone sex, right? Maybe you even think it’s lame or out of date and not cool anymore? You’d be wrong of course because there is more phone sex happening right now than you can imagine. I don’t just mean with the phone sex service, long-distance relationships have phone sex, covid lockdowns created a ton of new people interested in phone sex because it was all they had available. And yes phone sex services like this one still exist and thrive.

What’s the point of phone sex you ask? Well, first of all, you have to get rid of those stereotypes you’ve heard. Phone sex operators are real women, with their own personal tastes, and their own lives, sometimes they have partners too that do not share their sexual tastes. Phone Sex services are not just moaning and groaning calls. An operator has a personality, talents, sexual knowledge, and they do not judge callers! Imagine sharing your deepest desires with NO JUDGEMENT!

Phone Sex is about open communication with another person who wants to engage in a perverse conversation with you. It can be steamy HOT and result in some serious masturbation. You also get to use your imagination which is often much better than porn.

And why should you pay for it? Let me give you some very valid and good reasons to do so.

It’s extremely difficult to find a good phone sex partner without paying for it. Of course, it can happen but it is more difficult. Sometimes it comes with its own set of problems. Maybe the chick is not into getting really nasty because she is shy. Or worse, the chick you meet online for some fun gets attached to you.

When you pay for phone sex you are paying for a lovely lady who isn’t shy, probably has no limits on the topics she’ll talk about, and is not afraid of dirty words. They are not afraid to be shocked or to shock YOU. Sex talk can turn into serious fantasy exploration.

Phone sex operators are always creative Ladies and know how to weave a story together if you only want to listen, and they have advanced communication skills.

When you pay for phone sex you are getting to talk to a lady who is experienced adventurous and eager to please you with no other strings attached. You don’t have to buy her a gift and you don’t have to make any promises, so it’s much less work than going on a date and wondering all night if you’re going to get lucky.

I’ll also add that phone sex is CHEAPER than going on a date. No dinner, no movie, no flowers, no gas money, no shaving, showering, new clothes, or any of that. You can make a call seem like a date with interaction, and small talk, and then get down to the nasty. Or you can have a quickie and hang up the phone to move forward with your day/evening.

Sex, in general, requires clear and honest communication, and with phone sex you can’t see one another so you can literally say or discuss ANYTHING! So much less embarrassment if you want to share your secret fetish!

You can experiment just as you might try to check out different porn videos to see what tickles your pickle. You can just have casual sexual discussions, mutual masturbation, complex roleplays, or simply listen to a hot chick tell you a filthy sex story. You can get to know a woman a bit without her declaring ownership over you.

There are no big commitments to using a phone sex service either. Try it once. Call 60 times. Whatever you want you can have. You can develop an ongoing sexy partnership with one operator or talk to several different ones depending on your mood.

Phone sex is safe sex. It’s not physically cheating, and it’s so much less expensive than you might think it is.

How Long Should a Phone Sex Session Be?

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Sometimes new clients ask for the phone sex operator’s suggestion on how long a phone sex session should be. There is no correct answer to this because it really depends on you.

Phone sex is a highly individualized experience but it’s also a financial one. My honest suggestion to anyone who may be new to phone sex or trying out a new operator for the very first time… is to always opt for the shortest amount of time. You want to make sure you are billed properly and correctly, and that you also connect well with the operator. But for a future call, you may want to do a more complex role-play, a fantasy, or even talk longer in general.

So, let’s go back to our question how long should a phone sex session be? I’m going to give you the guidelines I suggest to clients on the phone.

If your fantasy is short and simple and you’re watching your money then 15 minutes should be plenty enough time to talk to an operator that you like…. and to have a lot of fun.

If your fantasy is detailed, complex, or will take a bit of time to explain it to the operator you should look at 30 minutes and possibly more. But 30 minutes is a very good start.

Technically the amount of time that you purchase with a phone sex operator is really dependent upon you. It depends on how much you want to spend and how detailed your fantasy is.

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What Makes a Great Phone Sex Service

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In today’s competitive phone sex environment where thousands of sites show up in any search engine…it’s important that the phone sex service be one that provides true value to the caller.  That means positive treatment, great phone sex operators, freedom, honest billing, and affordable rates!

Callers need to be treated like real people! You are an individual and need to be treated as a human being, not just another guy in line with a ticket “number” in your hand. Not every caller will like a girl, not every guy with a specific fetish wants to hear the same thing. Callers are all different.

Phone Sex Operators should be different too. They should have different personalities, different “looks”, different ages, and especially voices! The voice is king in phone sex. If the ladies you talk to all do the same exact fetishes or fantasies the same way it’s possible they were TRAINED to do the calls. That’s no fun for the caller. Find ladies who work from home, have varied interests and specialties.

In phone sex, it’s also not always about just a cute photo or a pretty flower themed website either. The fact is you also want to have FREEDOM of expression as an individual. That means your fetish or fantasy is a part of who you are. To deny your topic of interest, to deny your fantasy because it is considered too taboo; is an insult. Why would your freedom of expression be denied?  Why would any company have terms of services that limit what makes a horny sexy guy happy? Phone sex is just “talk” isn’t it?

Lastly, let’s not forget another really important factor; private billing and stability. You don’t want to call a phone sex girl and have to rely on her solely for proper timing or billing of your call do you? There is so much room for error. Then two weeks later you go to the site you bookmarked only to find it gone? Or maybe there is just no contact information on it to even fix a billing mistake. Look for a company with longevity.


Be a Phone Sex Operators Favorite Client

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Phone Sex Operators Have Favorite Clients.

Did you know this? There are some benefits to being THAT guy. It doesn’t mean her time for you is “free” or that you can expect special favors. But it is likely that if you are a favorite client you will always catch her in a good mood. She’s happy to hear from you. A good mood makes for a better call. She may also be likely to take your call at times other than her normal work hours. While it’s not possible for every operator’s lifestyle – being well-liked is going to benefit you.

Now I am going to give you some pointers on how to become a favorite phone sex client. Pay attention to this list because it’s here to help callers!


Treat her with respect! This sounds so simple, and honestly, it IS. But you would be shocked at the number of assholes we talk to. It’s sad to say that but it is true. Some callers are literally out to upset or piss off a phone sex operator intentionally. A good operator can spot that, but it’s still not fun to deal with. If you think about any job – there are always assholes. Don’t be THAT guy.


Share a fantasy with them! A completely one-sided call is boring whether it’s you or her that does all of the talking. Communication takes work and it is mutual interaction so please be engaged.


Get creative together! Add your input and ideas. Allow the operator to as well. Create an erotic/nasty adventure together. A phone sex operator wants to be a team player with you, like, literally. There is nothing more boring than a 2 person conversation where one party is completely silent.


Don’t think of her as a servant to your desires. Some callers think the phone sex operator (and webcam ladies too) are like “dancing monkeys” and are supposed to “perform” for them exactly as they want. Good phone sex operators try to fulfill ALL requests on the caller’s desires. But you also have to understand that the operator has a personality of her own as she is not a robot. She is going to interject some of that personality into her performance. If you want a robot to just recite your fantasy verbatim then there are internet readers online for free that can do that.


Always be polite and thankful when it’s needed. Simply saying thank you for a great call is a wonderful and generous kindness that phone sex operators rarely get to hear.


Get to know her a little. I don’t mean that you have to spend hours of time for her to talk about her life while you pay for it. A minute or two is often enough to show you see her as a human being.


Communicate well. If the operator is not going in the direction you wanted, it’s just possible she misunderstood your fantasy. Stop her. Correct her politely. You should get your money’s worth out of a phone sex call. At the same time, you cannot blame everything on an operator if something is misunderstood. So if you just communicate clearly she’ll get it. If she doesn’t then you should use your voice to explain it again quickly.


Don’t expect more than what she is offering. Many times per day we are asked for a free call and to meet a client. These are two things a good operator never does. We hear it so much per day that it can make us defensive after awhile. A favorite client understands that phone sex is a service. But it DOES involve real people… you and the lady you are speaking to. She has a life outside of phone sex with family, friends, dates, and so forth. A favorite understands that you and the operator won’t become a part of each other’s “real life”.


It’s that simple my friends. You know the secret touch now!

Phone Sex Tips for Callers

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Phone Sex Advice

You can transform a good phone sex call into the sexiest experience in your life. Phone Sex Operators are modern and are not sitting in huge call centers surrounded by other people. Those places don’t exist anymore! Today Phone Sex Girls work from the privacy of their own homes where your conversations are truly personal. They take their work seriously (and playfully) and are dedicated to providing you with a special intimate conversation just for you.  They are driven by the desires of their own passion.

Make sure that you are in a quiet, comfortable environment when you call.  Then both of you will hear each other, without distracting background noise.  Create your own sexual environment.

Make sure you have privacy and enough time to do deal with the billing and your call. Know ahead of time how long you want to talk or what you want to spend. A reputable service is not going to allow you to spend all of your money. A quality company or operator won’t keep you on the line just to rack up money.

Have your credit card ready for any phone sex operator or service that you call. Do the billing procedure as efficiently as you can.

Once connected to a sexy lady say “hello” and introduce yourself. Allow her to do the same.

The greatest lubricant in phone sex is communication.  Sometimes it may be awkward to share your deepest secrets.  But when you do, that allows a woman to respond to you lovingly and give you the experience you want.  Phone Sex is an interactive sport.  The more you participate, the more you get out of it.

If you don’t like something – then speak up. An operator is not a mind reader. Or if you feel like you are not “connecting” with a particular lady then hang up. Do force the experience because if you do when you aren’t “feeling” it then you will not enjoy the session. Be realistic.

Don’t forget that you and only you have control over your body. Phone Sex Operators cannot MAKE you orgasm. Allow nature to take its course, enjoy the company, and conversation.  But most of the HARD work is going to be done by your hand.


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