Selling Panties Is Dangerous

Selling Panties

This is a topic that has been much debated over the years on the internet among PSOs and owners. I can put the whole topic to rest pretty easily from a business perspective but first let me give you the background. You should ask your lawyer about this too.

Sometimes phone sex callers request to buy your panties. It is a common fetish among men in general, and in some countries in the world such as Japan… it is even literally “acceptable”.  Callers get caught in the fantasy and sometimes ask to purchase panties, back in the late ’90s when phone sex hit the net… it was actually big business. Everyone literally jumped on the bandwagon to offer them.

At some point in 1998, a college girl who was making money off the net by selling her panties was arrested. One of her clients somehow or for some reason became unhappy with his purchase…. Mailed the packaged back to her and had scribbled “CHILD PORN” on it. This was cause for alarm and the law reacted. Since the package did not contain child porn, the law decided to bust her for the panties because mailing a “biohazard” through the mail is against the law. The girl was investigated, her computer was confiscated as is commonly done… and eventually, she got off on probation.

This case has been a source of discontent among PSOs. There are two sides… the ones who claim it is safe to sell panties to clients… and the side that claims it is not. I will present you with some of the arguments I have seen over the years.

Biohazards are only illegal to send through the post office, but it is fine to do through UPS or FEDEX. WRONG! A biohazard has different levels according to OSHA (the US dept of Health and Safety). A pair of worn panties are probably the lowest level of a biohazard (Level 1) however; all rules still apply. Think of a hospital setting… gloves are used for everything today, and these rules came from OSHA.  Even a Level 1 Biohazard means that gloves are to be used and the item is to be disposed of in a specifically designed trash receptacle. These receptacles are picked up by special laboratories from a hospital and further disposed of according to OSHA regulations.

Just take some concoction of tuna juice and Vaseline (or something like that) and it’s safe to mail. WRONG! Think of the girl in the panty arrest. Perhaps that is what she did, but how would she PROVE that to law enforcement? Do you even want to be put in that position to defend yourself? Do you want YOUR name in the news? It’s still a risk.

Don’t put anything on the panties, just sell clean ones. WRONG! There are two reasons this can bite you in the ass. One is that no matter what the client said on the phone… he may get angry that they are not “dirty”. When you claim they will be “perfumed” he may think that is an innuendo for dirty. Secondly… selling “merchandise” may require SALES TAX depending on the state.

The other issue is that as an adult audiotext company your merchant bank is not registered to sell items. If you are not following their rules which is all clearly presented in your merchant agreement, then you can be found out and shut down.

Lastly… if you have a merchant account then it is for AUDIOTEXT and nothing else, it means you are probably breaking the rules and terms of your contract with the bank to be selling an item/merchandise.

The point here is that selling tangible goods, clean or dirty, have the potential to cause a lot of problems for you. Trying to BEND rules to suit yourself can and does often result in trouble.

So, you can see that selling worn, perfumed, or even clean panties is a huge risk for a Phone Sex Company. If you do not agree with this article then I suggest you do some research yourself. Ask your attorney too.

If you are a guy reading this and a buyer online of panties or see a phone sex service selling them… please understand that breaking the law does catch up with companies eventually. Think about the fact that this company has your personally identifiable information and IF they are caught – your information will be confiscated. You potentially could end up in that mess and do you want to take that risk?

Obviously panties are a huge fetish for many men, while I don’t suggest the purchase… Panty Phone Sex may help you indulge in your fetish!


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