How Phone Sex Can Save the World


Am I serious? Not really, but let’s pretend and fantasize about saving the world right now. It could certainly use it.

If everybody was having hot and horny mutual masturbation I guess I could say I feel secure that there would be a little less violence in the world. We’d be too busy and our hands would be too slippery to hold weapons, right?

I believe that if we sexually accepted one another’s tastes and interests and didn’t judge, there’d be a little more peace and people’s personal lives would be better. I mean hey, a good orgasm is a great stress reliever, isn’t it? Helps us feel better.

If more people were having phone sex and masturbating then more people would certainly be feeling good. Perhaps the key to world peace is feeling good?

This blog post is not to be taken too seriously. Mainly, it’s a joke. Yet on some level, I truly wonder if sex was more open and accepted and if extracurricular sex like porn or phone sex were more permissible if it would not enrich some lives.

Sexual aids and sex toys are becoming more accepted and porn is almost mainstream. Phone sex has a bad reputation and for all of the wrong reasons. Think positive about phone sex, and have fun.